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    Intraco Penta Tbk

    (by Ms Tamy Phoon, International Sales and Marketing Asst. Manager, FingerTec Worldwide)
    Recently, our valued distributor in Indonesia, PT Retailindo Technology struck gold as they secured and installed 34 units of FingerTec readers in their clients place, PT Intracopenta TBK.
    PT Intracopenta deals out heavy machinery, such as excavators to those in the heavy duty industry such as factories, motor vehicle manufacturers and so on. Having been in the business for thirty-eight years, PT Intracopenta has won the trust of its principals, including well-known heavy equipment manufacturers VOLVO, Ingersoll-Rand, Bobcat, Mahindra Tractors and SDLG Loader and its customers.

    The company since decided that it was time for an upgrade of their security system and approached our FingerTec partner in Indonesia for a solution, as they observed that FingerTec stood out as a branded product of high quality in the market. As a result, 32 units of the Kadex series and 2 units of FingerTec TA102CR were installed neatly around access points of their office, allowing the management to monitor and manage staff movement. The Kadex was chosen as the access control device mainly due to its simplicity and its sleek and professional look while the TA102CR was selected for its biometric feature, ideal for reporting attendance.

    With such quality installations provided by our Indonesian partner, FingerTec is positive that it will soon become the leading brand of biometric time attendance and door access solutions in the region.
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    Global Testimonial In Jordan MC Donald

    (by Ms Tamy Phoon, International Sales and Marketing Asst. Manager, FingerTec Worldwide)
    If you happen to walk into a McDonald's outlet in Jordan, you will now notice that you are not only greeted by their friendly staff, but also by our FingerTec TA102 device!

    McDonald's in Jordan was looking for a more systematic and modern way of getting the working hours report of their staff. As they had both part time and full time workers in their vicinity, they needed a system that can collect and compute clock in and clock out times of these two groups of workers. After a brief research of time attendance systems, McDonald's then selected FingerTec’s system as the most suitable system for their environment.

    FingerTec’s reseller in the country, Euro Jordan Trading Co. worked with the McDonald's franchise to implement the time attendance system in their fast food outlet. They started off with installing FingerTec TA102 in 3 branches first, and are currently continuing their installations till they reach their targeted 20 branches. When completed, the attendance information from each of these branches will be then sent to their headquarters office in Amman, to be processed by their Payroll department.

    McDonald's in Jordan are confident of using FingerTec’s system, as they have received many recommendations and good feedback from other clients of Euro Jordan Trading Co. Congratulations to Euro Jordan Trading for acquiring such a prestigious company as their clients!

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    Global Testimonial in Jordan

    JordanEuro Jordan, FingerTec’s exclusive distributor in Jordan, is proud to announce its 2 completed projects in well-known multinational companies here in Jordan.

    In the first project, Euro Jordan Trading Company worked with our partner, Smart line Group, to complete an installation of FingerTec TA100C and 14 units of m-Kadex& 2 units of i-kadex in Samsung’s Levant Building. The installations of the m-Kadex and i-Kadex was a complete door access control installation, inclusive of electromagnetic locks, emergency breakglasses, and the usual access control package.

    Now Samsung will be able to monitor the attendance of all the staff by just downloading the transactions stored in the TA100C to the TCMS V2 software. The company can also start to implement a stricter access to high authority areas, as these areas would require you to have an access card to access restricted areas. The Samsung corporation was also interested to monitor employees in the common smoking areas, hence fitting in two installations of the m-Kadex with i-Kadex at two different areas that are used by smokers.

    The plan for the final stage of the installation is to connect FingerTec Kadex in the elevators of the building, with a controller that restricts access to certain floors.

    Our second recent project was the well-known Swedish furniture company, Ikea, which has recently opened a small office in Amman. Yet to have officially launched, they are planning to open a huge branch nearby their office location later on, once the plans are finalized. However, for now, they needed an access control system to secure their main office entrance.

    For that, Ikea has chosen FingerTec’s AC900 to be installed at the main door of their office. Being the headquarters of the upcoming Ikea branch in Jordan, they are planning to connect the TCMS V2 software to the HR and payroll system to automate and simplify their effort in the HR department. We will be continuously supporting Ikea until they open and launch their store and we hope to also install FingerTec’s time attendance system to monitor the working hours of the staff in the store.

    These two installations have definitely elevated our company’s profile and the FingerTec brand with such strong installation references, demonstrating the flexibility of Euro Jordan’s team being able to accommodate to a corporate atmosphere, or a store-like atmosphere.

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    Alamat Baru teknikal support Retailindo Technology

    Dear Customer,

    Terima kasih atas kepercayaannya kepada Produk Kami selama ini. Kami selaku Technical Support PT. Retailindo Technology ingin memberitahu informasi kepada Bapak/ibu yang terhormat selaku Customer kami. Bahwa email yang biasa kami gunakan akan di non-aktifkan. Berganti atau Bapak ibut bisa mengajukan pertanyaan/saran dan feedback untuk kami  via Ask&Question di

    Untuk meningkatkan pelayanan kami, sehingga kami dapat  merespon dengan cepat setiap email yang Bapak/Ibu kirim ke team support, mohon mengajukan pertanyaan via email yang ditujukan  ke alamat email kami yang baru.

    Terima kasih atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya. -- Thanks

    Best regards,

    Technical Support RETAILINDO TECHNOLOGY,

    Authorized Distributor Fingertec Indonesia
    Jl. Balikpapan Raya No. 23. Jakarta Pusat 10160 - Indonesia
    Tel : +62 21 3440717 +62 21 3442162 +62 21 3524846
    Fax : +62 21 3523594 Mobile : +62 21 99886282 
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